How To Rent A Car In The Lowest Possible Rate

Car rental will always be part of any holiday plan to Ireland and other countries. The best way to explore a foreign place is to hire a car and then just drive your own. Travelling has never been this flexible.

Travellers and tourists know that holiday trips can be pretty expensive. No wonder, before you go on a trip, you spend hours and days on the internet searching for cheap flights, cheap accommodations, cheap car rentals and other ways to save. If there are some things that you can do to actually cut down on expenses, I bet you will. One thing doesn’t need to be expensive in travelling is car rental. There are ways by which you can save money from car rental.

Car Rental Need Not Be Expensive

Here are some tips to help you cut down on car rental expenses:

You may have heard or read it a hundred times during your save money browsing ventures but still it is worthy reminder to shop around for several car rental deals first before settling into one. This will allow you to compare rates and deals and in the end get the best quality car at the cheapest rate.

Online car hire booking can save you money. Most car rental companies offer online booking because they know that a large percentage of potential renters are looking for car rental deals online. Customers are online so they must do something to market their car rental deals online. Because online competition is very tough, most car rental companies will be willing to lower down their rates or create special offers to attract more customers like you.

Choose only the extras that you actually need. Most car rental companies will do everything to earn a little extra from the car rental deal. They will be offering you this and that and because they are very good in sales talk, you might not be able to say no. You must know what you need and stick to your basic needs. Don’t get extras that you don’t really need.

If you are younger than 25, have someone you know who is 25 or older rent the car for you. Most car rental companies will charge additional surcharge for young drivers.

Don’t be afraid to ask for discount. If you are renting the car for a good number of days, you should be entitled to at least a little discount. Who knows the car rental company may just agree to give you a discount.

The list of money saving tips is endless. If you are really serious about saving money on car rental, don’t be afraid to explore all saving possibilities.

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